Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All American Girl Birthday Party

Such an adorable birthday with so many fun activities, this birthday party for little girls and their dolls features a dessert table with treats for both!
With a red, white and blue color scheme, this table is full of delights!  White chocolate bark with red and blue M&M's, blue raspberry parfaits, personalized cookies, candy apples, red velvet whoopie pies, all in miniature too!  Check out the mini 3-tiered cake!

Detailed view of gorgeous personalized cookies created by Maliha Creations and If So Inklined Calligraphy and Illustration.

More beautiful calligraphy on fun red drinks with butterfly straws!

Candy apples for the guests and ones for the dolls made out of clay.

 Beverage Station with butterfly goody bags to contain the doll's treats.  Mini cups to quench the dolls' thirsts too!

Pre-party place settings.  Doll seats were constructed with clips and ribbon to allow the girls to sit with their dolls.

Doll-sized treats are big fun!
What a fun time with fabulous girls!

Thank you for letting EyeCandy be a part of
you Charlottesville, VA event!


  1. Beautiful & perfect! But then what's so surprising about that, Anita :) Kudos on the Calligraphy -

  2. This is so amazing! What lucky girls!

  3. Kudos to you ladies, the gals would have had their dream come true day. Pretty n so catchy.

  4. Can I ask how you made the doll chairs?